Tile borders for floor tiles and wall tiles!

Tile borders with sparkle

Dramatic and unusual palette of colours with style which can be coordinated very simply with any wall tiles or floor tiles or other surfaces.

Make a style statement with these unique tile borders.

The complex and order of these random border tiles adds another dimension to any wall area!

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Decorative or redecoration projects for your home, please browse our web range of border tiles.

The simplicity of never dating colours like black or white, used on their own or to complement a vast range of tile products can produce exciting beautifully decorative effects. Many options are available with a wide palette of colours.

These are sparkle border tiles for the United Kingdom (UK)- you can achieve more than just a pretty space.

Sparkle border tiles can be installed almost anywhere on walls or floors ( checking with your tiler, fitter, designer and manufacturer about your individual requirements before starting installation); as versatile as any other building materials from any other industry they enhance and complete architectural interior designs.