Trendy Sparkly floor tiles, black, red, pink, lime...

These sparkly floor tiles have been designed to allow for perfect and easy maintenance.

Also known as Starburst, they are made of quartz which gives the look of yesterday with the comfort of today!

Easy to make decision for glitter sparkly tiles!

grey and red sparkly floor tiles to decorate your bathroom and kitchen

Starburst sparkly floor tiles The Sparkly Floor Tiles also known as Starburst flooring, brings one exclusive pattern, which until now were exclusively found in modern places: villas, clubs, airports, to tile-lovers.

They will provide your interior with luxury, elegance and style and enhance smaller spaces with the illusion of extra space.

All sparkly floor tiles are normally available with either a rectified edge or with a slight bevel around the edge; this way they can be fitted with a micro grout gap view that creates a very fine groove, giving your floor the appearance of natural pattern.

The tiles are of equal lengths and depths with a precise depth; these are mostly found in bathroom & kitchen!

These are also suitable with electric underfloor heating systems. You only need tile adhesive (tile glue) It doesn't get any easier!

Give your interior, regardless if is a small or big space, elegance and style of their own and combine tradition and timeless charm. Starburst is a typical example of a continuous glitter decor. A continuous decor makes your room look bigger because of the extra light reflection and provides you with a quiet and stylish look that brings order. A modern tiled pattern on the other hand, provides variety and liveliness to an interior.