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Sparkling flooring is this centuries hottest flooring trend. Architects & Designers everywhere wants's it and are recommending these luxurious black sparkly floor tiles; are available throughout the United Kingdom ( UK); they bring uniqueness and shine to any home!

Why should I choose Quartz Floor Sparkly Tiles?

Black sparkly floor tiles

For the beauty of any flooring - any location in any home!

The quartz sparkle tiles are made of combination of minimum 90% quartz particles and 10% acrylic or epoxy binder. This combination of manmade stone materials makes sparkle flooring resistant to chemicals, scratches, traffic etc.... These sparkle tiles flooring is a durable tile product that gives a luxurious look to a kitchen, a hallway or bathroom floors ( even on walls - for this you have to make sure that the wall can take the weight of the quartz composite tile).

Sparkle tiles are today's latest floors which will change completely a room's appearance, offering realistic patterns of exotic colours, by reflecting the sunshine or your artificial lighting in loads of different ways.

Quartz sparkly tiles floors can be installed anywhere, over almost every surface (make sure you are checking with your tiler, fitter, designer about your individual requirements before starting installation) also it's very easy to maintain.

Colours available: black sparkly floor tiles, white sparkly tiles, green sparkle tiles, grey sparkling tiles, cream mirror tiles and loads more colours...