Sparkle wall tiles available now in small sizes!

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Every tile is like a work of art, a dazzlingly simple way to add bling, style and character to a floor surface!

Why should I choose quartz wall tiles?

glitter for walls

Quartz tiles can be put to more uses than ever before, and so now we find tiles, worktops, borders, mosaics, floorings made from this material and displaying a wide choice of futures in a various pallette of colours for some suprising and eye-catching results.

Once again, sparkle wall tiles are shown as a highly versatile material that offers a myriad of aesthetic possibilities while at the same time offering all the technical solutions any space could need – ranging from high traffic comercial applications like restaurants (MacDonalds, Disney store,...) – to the residential areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, dinningroom and many more. Some sparkly wall tiles are suitable for Indoors or outdoors settings, these continue to gain ground in comparison to other materials from the tile industry thanks to their endless colour options, their resistance and aesthetic options, together with a increasing awareness and knowledge of this product from manufacturers and the end-users.

In recent times we have witnessed a big boom in the quartz sparkle wall tile industry, part of the reason beeing the continous technological improvement (like the ink jet technology) and also bceause of the enhancement of aesthetic features. As a result, the various tiling materials available: ceramic, porcelain, granite, quartz wall tiles and many others now offers a far wider range of different sizes, colours & shapes not only for interior designers, but also for architects and end users, making it a very attractive and versatile material for home interior design projects or on the refurbishment / redecorating side of things.

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