Glitter floor tiles, glittery floor tiles, glittery tiles!

Feeling like dancing? ...glitter floor tiles with mirror chips for a versatile and spectacular effect

. - create perfection with these high polished mirror tiles.

Different size glitter floor tiles with a unexpected graduation of hues!

glitter floor tiles

Quality with detail for a room style that represents you. Various sizes available; the most wanted sizes are: 40x40cm(18x18") and 60x60cm (24x24"), also available in other sizes like: 30x30 (12x12"), 60x30cm (12x24"), slabs or worktop sizes.

Talking about the colour variation there is fairly large palette available, to name a few colours: black glitter floor tiles, white black glitter floor tiles, red glittery tiles, dark blue glittery tiles, light blue, grey any many many more....

With the hope that these ranges together with images will show the passion for creating the very finest floors for bathrooms, kitchens we urge you to pay a visit to your local stockist where you can appreciate to the full.

.Browse this site for more info about glitter floor tiles, sparkly worktops, sparkle wall tiles and much more!

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