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We are THE original source of information regarding these top super modern sparkly floor tiles in the United Kingdom (UK); they bring beauty and character to any British home- the sparkly Quartz Flooring lasts for a long time, its beauty and its character should be timeless!

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Sparkly floor tile

For the hottest trends regarding floor tilling, for the beauty of any flooring of of any room in any home!

Sparkly flooring, which was not available for many years and is now experiencing a resurgence is made from all natural ingredients, making it very much in demand for environmentally aware consumers.!

These quality of Quartz Stone Floor thanks to the sophisticated combination of style, warmth and practical features!...
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For many years has been helping homeowners across the UK to create and design beautiful, practical, indoor spaces to enhance floors in their homes. We give you the largest choice of great quality quartz based products in the UK.

Elegance & durability

Generally these specialist products are crafted to the highest quality with elegance and durability in mind. We offer an unbeatable selection of traditional and contemporary colours, from attractive large format tiles and products to small mosaics, as well as advice on designing your complete home. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a reputable tradesman or professional, you need to enjoy the very best results from your flooring covering project.

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Whether you are looking for limes, red, brown, white or beige, you can be confident that we will have something on our website that will meet the requirements of your project. Whilst they can be installed ion many type of floorings, we always recommend to seek expert advice direct from the manufacturers or with professional tilers, fitter, builders...
On this website you will find everything you need to create your dream disco floor; learn about the various international manufacturers and their commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction, see before and after photography and photos of various products in real life settings, find simple guides to estimate quantites and manufacturers specific fitting guides.
Many tile planner software gives you the ability to create good, eye-enhancing plans, experiment with different sizes and colours and quantify the amount of products you will need. Within minutes you can draw your flooring area, select your product choosing your colour and produce a scale plan and bill of quantities to help you source your products from your local stockist, or have it installed by a specialist installer.
When it comes to quartz tiles designs there are a huge variety to choose from. They range from the purely classic whites, to the more adventurous pink design. However, even with just a single tile size, it's possible to create different flooring layouts or patterns. For inspiration and design ideas, our virtual library is a great place to start. All of our tiles are categorised into groups, as defined by the filters below and above.